1: Introduction - Explore Nikola Tesla's groundbreaking ideas on time travel and futuristic visions.

2: Early Life - Discover Tesla's early life and the influences that shaped his views on the future.

3: Inventions - Learn about Tesla's revolutionary inventions and how they align with his time travel theories.

4: Time Travel Theory - Delve into Tesla's theories on time travel and the possibilities he envisioned.

5: Future Technologies - Imagine the future technologies Tesla predicted and how they may still come to fruition.

6: Legacy - Reflect on Tesla's lasting impact on science and his enduring influence on futuristic thinking.

7: Pop Culture - Explore how Tesla's ideas have influenced pop culture and science fiction.

8: Debate - Examine the ongoing debate surrounding Tesla's time travel theories and their validity.

9: Conclusion - Wrap up the journey through Tesla's visions of the future and his enduring legacy in the scientific community.